Commercial  Services

In our efforts to make the relationships we enjoy with our Operation and Maintenance (O&M) customers as seamless as possible, we recently introduced FREE commissioning to the clients we serve through turnkey O&M service agreements. It’s one more way for Baker Energy Team act as an extension of our customers’ O&M and Asset Management group. It allows us to quickly ensure maximum uptime from the very beginning of our relationship and your solar energy facility (SEF).

Each new O&M service agreement is initiated with a comprehensive commissioning of the system to establish optimal system performance metrics to use as a baseline to measure future performance against. In addition to ensuring that all components are operating within acceptable parameters, we also ensure that all operational and meteorological metrics being monitored are accurate. Once optimal system performance has been established, our O&M service technicians monitor performance 24/7/365 to ensure service and maintenance requirements and production goals are met.

Asset Management

Our deep experience and expertise in PV solar power plant operations and maintenance ensures optimal financial performance of a single SEF or an entire portfolio of plants. In short, Baker Energy Team brings to bear a complete understanding of technical factors within SEF operations that influence positive financial performance.

The scope of our asset management services include:

  • Plant and asset performance supervision and reporting
  • Oversight and management of O&M activities
  • Warranty administration
  • Billing, collections and payments
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Tax preparation, filing and administration
  • Equity/debt financing management
  • Serve as interface with banks, investors, regulators, local authorities, etc.



Baker Energy Team offers comprehensive O&M service, from initial commissioning to ongoing system monitoring, supervision and proactive maintenance – all through a suite of needs-based support services. Our O&M services are carefully designed to deliver the technical asset management actions fundamental to ensuring optimal energy production with minimal operation costs. We understand the financial impact of our O&M services and the interdependent relationship between O&M and asset management and it drives our actions.

The leadership team at BET has been engaged in the installation, O&M and asset management of large-scale SEFs on a global scale for many years. Our O&M services include:

  • Performance monitoring & service dispatch
  • Issue detection & diagnostics
  • Performance service monitoring
  • Warranty claim management
  • Remote plant controls
  • Power energy forecasting
  • Maintenance scheduling and complete system maintenance
  • Equipment installation, repair, replacement and upgrades



A comprehensive commissioning process ensures the safety, quality and performance characteristics of the SEFs we care for. Additionally, as performance-based incentives come into play, and as regulatory authorities require increasing control over plant operations and power quality, system owners and integrators must have excellent commissioning and performance verification services supporting their operations.

Our PV power plant commissioning ensures that all initial system performance requirements are in place and sets a basis to ensure future performance requirements are achieved, and system life expectancy at the component level is met or exceeded. BET’s commissioning service provides a wide range of critical-care coverage:

  • Verification installation is complete and meeting or exceeding anticipated production levels
  • Verify system is safe and aesthetically acceptable
  • Formalization of PV power plant quality control measures
  • Verification that all materials and components of the installation are consistent with system life expectancy
  • Verification and documentation of as-built conditions
  • Validation of reporting to CAISO and all other ISOs and balancing authorities
  • Ensure compliance with all codes, standards and PPAs requirements
  • Establishes initial performance benchmarks of new systems and documents performance metrics to measure against during future maintenance
  • Perform all necessary training for system owner on basic system operations