Baker Energy Team LLC is dedicated to promoting and establishing the use of renewable energy.

Solar and wind are the two most abundant renewable energy sources on the planet today. Enough light hits the earth in a twenty four hour period to supply our energy needs for a year.  In the United States renewable energy supplies 13.2% of our total energy needs, as a country we need to do more.  To put it into perspective: Solar and wind supplies 50% of Germany’s total power needs and wind alone is projected to supply 50% of Norway’s electricity by the year 2025 with more large wind projects on the horizon.  Renewable energy is abundant, available, affordable and easily accessible by companies like the Baker Energy Team.

Utilizing advanced design and engineering, coupled with quality components, Baker Energy Team creates custom renewable energy solutions.  If your needs are residential, commercial, industrial or utility scale our dedication to renewable energy and our understanding of the impact it has on the global economy and the health of our planet makes Baker Energy Team your best choice.

The current consumer and business climate is subjecting customers and companies to uncontrolled expenses from changing power needs, rising energy costs, and increasing pressure for expanded environmental accountability. Saving money and protecting profits requires a reliable, affordable, bankable solution. Category leaders are moving, self-generated energy is the answer.

With many decades of experience our team of renewable energy experts create unique, custom, renewable energy solutions from the sun, wind, and water. In almost endless combinations, we meet the energy requirements and financial objectives of business owners and homeowners alike.